About Us

We simplify healthcare spending.

The way we see it, it’s time for a new way to empower people to get and stay healthy: By helping them afford healthcare.

Why? Because cost is often a major barrier to care:


51% of U.S. adults say they put off or skipped some sort of health care in the past year because of cost


37% of patients said they currently carry medical debt

4 in 10

4 in 10 employees have less than $500 in savings for medical bills in case of emergency


50% indicate that finances are major stress and they are distracted at work

1 in 4

1 in 4 report difficulty affording deductible

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Our simple solution removes the financial barriers to getting healthcare.

TempoPay helps people access the care they need, and then set up a flexible, personalized payment plan that works with the rhythm of their life. Because there’s no interest, fees, or credit check, there’s no reason to defer care.

Employers and health plans that partner with TempoPay can keep pace with employees and members, and make sure they have everything they need to stay physically and financially healthy.

Our mission

To empower people to find and access healthcare earlier, without concerns about affordability.


We empower customers to make decisions that are good for their health with a platform that combines control and customization.


We give members the financial security of knowing they can handle out-of-pocket healthcare costs, protecting them from debt or unexpected emergencies.


Member wellbeing is important to TempoPay. TempoPay is committed to helping members navigate the uncertainty of the healthcare journey.


Transparency defines everything we do. We serve our customers with honesty and guarantee clarity around our products, services, and pricing.

Our team

Erika Davison-Aviles

Co-founder and Interim CEO

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Erika brings over 20 years' experience in financial services, banking, government, and private sector employee benefits administration to TempoPay to lead our product management strategy and development. Erika is an accomplished leader and her comprehensive benefits knowledge and product strategy background drive her passion to develop products people love. Erika most recently helped launch Elevate; a modern consumer direct benefits platform. Prior to Elevate, she spent 11 years leading product at WageWorks building a product suite to directly meet dynamic market needs and increasing benefit adoption with 160% growth in HSA accounts.

Augusto Ruiz-Eldredge

Head of Financial Operations

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Augusto is a senior executive with tenured expertise in FINTECH. With two decades of leadership in finance, operations, customer service, and product development, Augusto has built companies from the ground up and developed unique products to serve unrepresented segments of customers in different markets. Augusto most recently helped launch EquiPay, serving hundreds of underserved merchants with equitable and affordable payment solutions. Before EquiPay, Augusto spent 15 years helping the unbanked and underbanked in the cross-border payments space by providing accessible remittances and ancillary services that elevated customers' lives. Augusto holds an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services from Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School.

Joshua Goldstein

Co-founder and Chief of Staff

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Josh joins TempoPay with 10+ years of healthcare consulting experience, most recently with Accenture. Josh has defined the strategy for and implemented digital healthcare solutions for several fortune 100 companies. Josh received his MBA from NYU Stern and currently lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his financé and puppy.

Hattie Ninteau
Hattie Ninteau

Marketing Manager

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Hattie is a seasoned marketing leader with creative strategy and employee communications expertise. With a successful track record of driving impact her collaboration, leadership, and operational skills have been instrumental in building scalable systems with meaningful outcomes for organizations of all sizes including Optum, Whole Foods Market, and the YMCA.

Shawn Mobley

TempoPay Advisor

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Shawn Mobley has over 25 years in healthcare, most recently as Chief Growth Officer, UnitedHealthcare National Markets. He has historically focused on business strategy, product innovation and growth/retention leadership in the commercial and medicare markets.