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Remove financial barriers to care for your entire workforce

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engages employees and enhances existing benefit programs and improves access to care.

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Quick and easy integration with our payroll tool to enroll employees and setup repayment. TempoPay takes care of the rest.

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TempoPay app enrolls employees as easy as 1-2-3.

Pay on the spot

When receiving care, member uses their TempoPay card to cover qualified out of pocket costs then and there.

Set up repayment

After a care visit, the member will pay their responsibility of the bill. They can easily arrange a repayment plan using personal bank account, schedule automatic payroll deductions, or pay from HSA (healthcare savings account).

Stay flexible

Users can change their repayment mix and schedule any time. Repayments are processed automatically with no fees or interest.

Who is TempoPay for?

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Manage healthcare spending: Find the best care, then arrange a no-fee, no-interest repayment plan.

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Enhance benefits packages: Help employees stay well with a comprehensive healthcare financing and employee education platform.

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Health Plans

Connect with members: Use TempoPay as a convenient point of contact to guide members towards optimal providers in your network, improving utilization.

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Support clients: Offer a value-added financial wellness tool that strengthens and enhances benefits packages for your clients.

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We designed TempoPay to be simple to use—and that includes choosing a plan and cuing it up. No extra administration, no liability.

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