Why TempoPay | For health plans

When you connect to members, they connect with better health

How TempoPay Works: For health plans

When it comes to member engagement, TempoPay provides a unique financial wellness tool that is easy and simple to administer.

Keep pace with members

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Immediate payment

TempoPay pays network providers directly for services, improving provider rev cycle management and satisfaction.

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Improved network utilization

With a flexible, interest-free option to manage healthcare costs, members seek care more regularly and proactively.

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Strategic and simple

TempoPay enhances plan design, guides members towards preferred provider networks, and requires no extra administration for your team.

Partner with TempoPay to:


Direct members to preferred sites of care


Drive volume and enhance network utilization


Improve provider and member satisfaction


Improve plan design and provide unique benefit
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We designed TempoPay to be easy to understand and to sync seamlessly with your current platforms…but if you have any questions about it, read on.

How does our health plan get started with TempoPay?

Have a representative who handles finances or member benefits contact us at Contact@TempoPay.com.

How much does TempoPay cost?

Depending on the card spending limit you determine, the cost to you will be between $3 and $7 per enrolled member, per month.

What if a member doesn’t keep up with their repayment plan?

TempoPay bears the risk. We will follow-up with the TempoPay member and coordinate continued payments.

Why should I provide TempoPay to my members?

TempoPay directs members to preferred sites of care, drives volume and enhance network utilization, improve provider and member satisfaction, and improves plan design while providing a unique benefit.

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