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Benefits that add options also add value

Support your clients

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Innovative benefit

With TempoPay, you have a financial wellness tool that helps employers drive down healthcare costs while encouraging employees to access the care they need.

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Turnkey technology

TempoPay requires no extra administration or maintenance for your clients and provides easy to use payment options and a mobile app for employees.

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Smart solution

You can offer the best benefits to your clients and help their employees make smarter and healthier decisions.

Offer clients TempoPay to:


Help them realize lower plan costs


Provide them with a competitive edge to attract and retain top talent


Ensure employers and their employees have the services they need today and options for the future
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We designed TempoPay to be simple to explain and implement…but if you have any questions about it, read on.

How do I get started with TempoPay?

Simply contact us at Contact@TempoPay.com.

How much does TempoPay cost?

Depending on the card spending limit your employer client determines, the cost to the employer will be between $3 and $7 per enrolled employee, per month.

What if an employee leaves the company, but hasn't paid off their TempoPay balance?

TempoPay bears the risk. We will follow-up with the TempoPay member and coordinate continued payments.

Why I advise my employer client to provide TempoPay to their employees?

Help your clients realize lower plan cost, provide them with a competitive edge to attract and retain talent, and advise your employers on how to promotes healthier, happier employees by enabling access to care.

The benefit employees need now

We provide financial support year-round and can be implemented throughout the year. Schedule time with our team to learn more about bringing TempoPay to your organization.

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