How it works | for employees

When it’s easy to pay for healthcare, it’s easier to stay healthy.

How TempoPay works: For employees

TempoPay includes tools and features to keep users up to speed with their spending, so it’s always clear where they’re at with their health and finances.

TempoPay account

Employer sets up account with preset spending amount for eligible employees.

Easy repayment options

With TempoPay, you can repay on your own terms: schedule automatic payroll deductions, connect a personal bank account, or pay from an HSA (healthcare savings account).

Ready to go

TempoPay is cued up. Members can use their virtual card immediately; if they choose, a physical card can be mailed to them.

Pay on the spot

When receiving care, use your TempoPay card to cover out of pocket healthcare costs.

Improved outcomes

Access to preferred care = healthier members = improved outcomes

Stay flexible

Choose your repayment schedule, paying an amount that meets your needs. Repayments are processed automatically with no fees or interest.

Who is TempoPay for?

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Manage healthcare spending: access care, then arrange a no-fee, no-interest repayment plan.

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Boost financial wellness: Help employees stay physically and financially well with a comprehensive healthcare financing platform.

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Health plans

Enhance member experience: Explore how our flexible financing platform can reduce friction and administrative burden for patients and providers.

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Innovate wisely: Offer a critical layer of financial support that strengthens and enhances employer benefits packages.

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The benefit employees need now

We provide financial support year-round and can be implemented throughout the year. Schedule time with our team to learn more about bringing TempoPay to your organization.

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