Why TempoPay | For health plans

When you connect to members, they connect with better health

How TempoPay Works: For health plans

When it comes to member engagement, TempoPay provides a unique financial wellness tool that is easy and simple to administer.

Member seeks care

Member uses TempoPay app to search for and select a network-preferred provider.

Member receives care

Member receives the care they need without worry.

Member Payment

Member uses their TempoPay card to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Member engagement

Proactive education and information on available providers

Preferred providers

Direct members to preferred high quality and cost effective providers

Improved outcomes

Access to preferred care = healthier members = improved outcomes

Partner with TempoPay to:


Complement DE&I efforts by providing responsible, affordable financing and access to care for all


Enhance existing benefits packages to attract and retain talent


Enhance pre-tax benefits


Influence and incent healthy actions by linking to preferred providers and wellness programs
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Who is TempoPay for?

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Manage healthcare spending: access care, then arrange a no-fee, no-interest repayment plan.

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Boost financial wellness: Help employees stay physically and financially well with a comprehensive healthcare financing platform.

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Health plans

Enhance member experience: Explore how our flexible financing platform can reduce friction and administrative burden for patients and providers.

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Innovate wisely: Offer a critical layer of financial support that strengthens and enhances employer benefits packages.

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The benefit employees need now

We provide financial support year-round and can be implemented throughout the year. Schedule time with our team to learn more about bringing TempoPay to your organization.

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